2019 Korean Music Awards: BTS Acceptance Speeches (English Translations)


2019 Korean Music Awards
Acceptance Speeches
Translation: yoon @cafe_army

Musician of the Year

“Hello, we are BTS. Firstly, we’re very sorry for being late! We heard, that with honour, we had been nominated on multiple categories as nominees so after the previous awards ceremony, we rushed over here right away. Thank you for allowing us to receive such a great award. Before I go into a detailed message of thanks, we heard that Yang Hee Eun received the ‘Lifetime Achievement’ Award. For longer than I’ve lived, for a long time of 45 years, she sang. And thanks to these amazing seniors of ours, I believe we are here in this place, so I would like to say thank you. I’m really nervous…To be truthful, compared to the dignity and prestige these awards hold, last year, we had not attended the award and we used one photo in our place. And for this, I really felt something unresolved in my heart but to place our feet here in person, meet so many great people in person, and to be able to say thank you in person, is such an honour. We will receive this award with the message to spread Korean music further and with humility, we will work and perform harder. Thank you.”

Song of the Year & Best Pop Song Acceptance Speech

“To be honest, we wanted to stay until the end of these awards so we went back (to our seats), but we really didn’t know we would receive this award. We came and received this without knowing, so I’m more nervous. But for FAKE LOVE, doing our comeback at the Billboards, we were able to achieve greater results and it is a very honourable and meaningful song to us. Especially, with the Billboards or as we collaborated and worked with artists overseas, the things we felt… For me personally, when I was young, I believed that music does not age. And when I said I would become an idol, the friends I did music with together then asked, “For what reason? Why?” There were many of these kinds of reactions, but as a person who does, creates, and loves music without classifying it by gender or age, I truly understand the meaning of this award and think of it as an honour. Continuing forward, as we are now, we’ll consistently make good music and strive to spread Korean music all over the world. Thank you.”

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