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6th Edaily Culture Awards: BTS Acceptance Speeches (English Translations)



6th Edaily Culture Awards
Translations by yoon (@cafe_army)

Acceptance Speech for ‘Best Concert’ Category Award

“Firstly, to our ARMY, we want to say a word of thanks to you, first. As (the MC) said, 3 years ago, we came to present an award, but to receive an award in the Concert category is very meaningful. We’re currently receiving much love and support through the Love Yourself World Tour from all over the world. Receiving this award, it feels like that happiness and honour has been doubled. And this May, the Love Yourself Stadium Tour is scheduled. North America, South America, Europe, and Japan. We plan to meet many fans, so we ask for much anticipation, interest, and love. And without forgetting our nature, and as much as we’ve received this award, we’ll become a BTS who shows better performances. Thank you.”

(MC asks of any “intuition” for upcoming Daesang presentation)

“I don’t particularly have any “intuition”, but if we receive it, we will accept it as an honour and work harder.”

(MC asks for thoughts on the BTS cover performances during the show)

“In the past, I watched people busking at Hongdae and at that time, they were performing with our song. It was like that then, and today as well, it feels kind of I’m not sure how old they are, but like myself, with the dream of becoming a singer, those people thought of a small stage as precious/of value and are working hard. This thought came to me, and reminded me a lot of the past. Thank you so much also for doing our performance and please continue to work consistently going forward, I hope you achieve many of your dreams.”

(MC asks for a message to the ARMY who came)

“Today, we were able to receive an award in the Concert category. Since so many of you came here for us today, I thought I wouldn’t be nervous, but I think I am nervous. Thank you so much for supporting us. Please, never forget that our concerts exist because of you, and of course, the award we received today is yours as well.”

Acceptance Speech for DAESANG (Best Concert)

“3 years ago, we said we would like to receive the ‘Best Concert Award’. To our ARMY who created even this Daesang for us, I would like to say “thank you” first and foremost. To be honest, we really didn’t know we would receive this award so just in the case we did, I had briefly thought about what to say. These Culture Awards to us are very, if you look at it one way, “fresh” and “new”, since many cultural professionals are here today. This thought came to mind the most, the words of Kim-Gu (an important hero and figure of Korean Independence): “The only thing I’ve wanted, is the power of high culture”. This remains in my memory most. I believe that more than any existing physical power, culture is truly the strongest, intangible type of power that breaks down all boundaries. Not only of the music I pursue, but also of ‘guk-ak’ (a traditional Korean music), musicals, drama, theatre, dance, as both a fan and consumer of all forms of culture, and as these forms of culture live and breathe next to me, and as I enjoy these forms of culture, I believe that as a human, a human becomes more human and also, it is the kind of power that gives me much inspiration in the music I do and a very powerful one that makes a human into a human, like a human. And so, although it is just us standing in this honourable place, here in this empty space next to us, not just us artists, but the many staff who help these artists, and more than anything, the many fans and consumers who love and consume this culture, I hope you make sure to remember them as well. I am not sure if we are qualified to receive this award among the many amazing professionals of culture who are here today, but we will think of this award as a message to spread the power of Korean culture to the world, and to work harder. We will become a BTS who displays an admirable effort with a humility and modesty. Thank you.”